The King Saud University’s refreshed identity supports our goal to be recognized as a global leader in our industry. Backed by an organization at the forefront of education and research, we are committed to ‘pushing the boundaries’ in the creation of a world-class university.

The hallmark of a world-class brand is consistency and clarity. In the pages that follow, we explain the strategic thinking for how we position The King Saud University and introduce its new visual identity. 


Our 2030 vision is to be a world-class university and a leader in building the knowledge society

Pushing the Boundaries
At King Saud University we never settle for average education.We challenge the status quo and challenge ourselves. We are at our
best when we are pushing the boundaries of what we do.

We strive to offer a truly distinctive educational experience, produce cutting edge creative research, serve society and contribute in building the knowledge economy and community. Powerful progress continues to be made in new ways of learning, creative thinking environments, use of technology, facilities and international partnerships.

Our endeavors are creating a world-class university, at the forefront of education and research; where students and faculties can feel the future.

Our communications open up new areas of thought. We are original,
distinctive and fresh. We do not appear different for the sake of it.

Our communications are simple and straightforward. We avoid clutter
and complexity.

Our communications are unambiguous, powerful and consistent.
Sure-footed is not about being slow and staid.

All our communications are beautifully elegant, simple and welldesigned.
We do not follow others.

  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Freedom of enquiry
  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Lifelong learning